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If your pet is experiencing an emergency or you have a medical question, please call the clinic at 734-369-6446.

**EVH is experiencing exceptionally high patient volumes due to holiday clinic closures and other ER clinics with COVID exposures. We are working tirelessly to evaluate and treat EVERY patient and appreciate your patience and understanding. **

March 24, 2020:

What a week, huh Michiganders???

Admittedly I am feeling a bit whip-lashed and hesitant to open my Facebook feed each morning as the COVID-19 Pandemic changes daily. 😬

Here at EVH, we have continued to adjust our protocols in accordance with CDC/Governor Whitmer’s guidelines. This most recent “Stay-at-home” order means while WE ARE OPEN (veterinary clinics are considered essential businesses) we now have to further restrict who can be in the building. So starting tonight we are no longer allowing clients in our building except for humane euthanasia patients or under very extreme circumstances. This is for our protection as well as yours! Because although we neurotically clean our facility, this COVID-19 stuff is scary and it is best if people limit contact.

Now I will level with you 100% and let you know that this new way that veterinary clinics have to function is down-right UNCOMFORTABLE for us. We are people people! We LOOOOVE sitting on the floor in your exam room chatting while we examine your pet! We LOOOOVE reminiscing about the silly things your pets or kids or families have done lately!
And less than one week into this new model we definitely miss this type of interaction with you all. 😭😭

But, this is only temporary. There will come a day when we can do these things again.

Until that time, we appreciate your patience. We SOOOOO appreciate your patience. We know it has to be difficult to sit in your car and wait for us to call you. We know it has to be scary leaving your furry, or feathery, or scaly family member with us and wait outside. Trust me, more than likely what is happening is that cute puppy you brought in is getting carried around like a baby, or that little Guinea Pig is snuggled in someone’s hoodie waiting for the doctor’s treatment plan. We love your pets like we love our own and that does not change just because you are in your car. 🥰

Thank you for your trust, for your patience, and for helping us #SlowTheSpread #FlattenTheCurve

– Lindsay Ruland, DVM
Practice Owner, Chief of Medicine

March 19, 2020 Update

To our amazing EVH Family,

We know these are scary times for you and your pets.

Here at EVH our mission is to leave a lasting positive impact on our patients, clients, colleagues, and community. And that DOES NOT change even in the face of a pandemic. In fact, our resolve is even stronger.
What HAS changed is the way veterinary clinics across the country now do their check in and check out processes.

Hopefully this is just temporary, because at EVH we LOVE face-to-face interactions with our clients! But as Americans we must do our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19

So here is what you can expect when you bring your pet to EVH:

Our front doors are locked, BUT WE ARE STILL HERE! An unprecedented move that most veterinary clinics in America are having to do in order to protect clients, staff, and reduce the spread of COVID-19.
Please call us from the parking lot and we will get you and your pet checked in over the phone. (By the end of the week we hope to be able to have you check in online ahead of time; check our Facebook page later this week for more information)
We will triage your pet over the phone by asking some basic questions. If they are deemed critical then we will bring them into our treatment area for emergent evaluation, and our staff will direct you to an exam room if one is available. Unfortunately, we cannot have people in our front lobby at this time.
We will have to ask a set of screening questions to determine if you have been ill or in contact with those who have been ill, or if you have traveled recently. Again, to protect staff and clients and has no bearing on whether we can treat your pet.
– In order to limit foot traffic in our hospital and keep it to the recommended “less than 10 people” it will be easiest if pets can be dropped off with us for awhile for diagnostics and treatments to be performed.
– Rest assured we will be in contact with you to review estimates, physical exam findings, and keep you updated on your pet’s progress. And our team will be utilizing text messaging and email to send photos of your pet throughout this process.
NOTHING has changed about the level of compassionate care that we provide to our patients. No matter how big…. Or small.
– We have implemented online payment buttons on our website to decrease handling of credit cards in-person and our staff will direct you through this process once your pet is ready to go home.

And remember, this is just temporary. There will come a day when we can once again mingle in our front lobby with you. Until then, we promise to take excellent care of your furry (or feathered or scaly) family members the same way we always have. We will overcome. #TeamEVH

We’ll be here when you need us most.

Our independent, locally-owned hospital is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with veterinarians, licensed technicians, and veterinary assistants, all specially trained to handle emergency care for pets, and dedicated to providing compassionate care for animals and their owners.

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