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5 Myths about Cancer in Pets

5 Myths about Cancer in Pets

5 Myths about Cancer in Pets How much do you really know about cancer in pets? There's a lot of information about cancer in pets out there, but our team at Emergency Veterinary Hospital would like to use this time to reveal the truth behind common myths about cancer...

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Tips for Litter Box Success

Tips for Litter Box Success

Have you noticed that your cat has started having trouble using their litter box? This can be a very frustrating thing for many cat owners. Believe it or not, your cat is not doing this out of spite! Most likely, your cat is asking you for help. Here are five common...

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A Pet-Friendly 4th of July

A Pet-Friendly 4th of July

July 4th has long been a feared holiday in the pet world, so let's fix that. While your pet can encounter many dangers with fireworks, food hazards, and hot weather, here are three ways you can turn your 4th of July celebration into a party your furry friend can...

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