Whenever you bring out your grilling apron, have your tongs in hand, and get ready to season a slab of ribs, your pooch’s mouth drips with drool. Your dog is no stranger to what these items mean—mouth-watering aromas from grilled meat will soon be wafting in the air—so they will patiently wait, hoping for a dropped morsel of fall-off-the-bone ribs, or a juicy barbecued chicken leg that’s dangerously close to the table’s edge. However, these are potentially hazardous treats for your pet, so here’s some safe alternatives to typical barbecue goodies:



  • Fresh vegetables — Plain, raw veggies are an excellent snack for pets, and many cats and dogs will give such healthy food options a shot. While dogs are less discerning in their vegetable choice, cats—as true carnivores—are a bit trickier to entice into eating fresh veggies. You can toss some vegetables, such as summer squash or sweet potatoes, on the grill, to give them a delicious smoky flavor, but ensure you avoid seasonings, and oil or butter. Remember that garlic and onion are toxic to pets, so keep these foods away from your furry pal, but most other veggies are safe. 



  • Plain grilled chicken breast — During your cookout, your pet is likely eyeing the meat, rather than veggies or side dishes. However, many meats cooked on the grill contain bones, or are slathered in barbecue sauce or other seasonings. If you’d like to spoil your pet, cook a small piece of boneless, skinless meat devoid of any seasonings or sauces. Tiny bites of a plain grilled chicken breast will make your pet feel like they’re getting a special treat. 



  • Frozen treats — If you’re grilling out, it’s likely hot outside, so help your furry friend cool off with a special frozen treat. A rubber Kong stuffed with a tasty concoction of canned food, kibble, fresh veggies, yogurt, peanut butter, or your pet’s other favorites, and tossed in the freezer for a few hours, is an easy-to-make cool treat. 



By sticking to pet-friendly barbecue foods, you can ensure your best friend enjoys your barbecue as much as you do, without the stomach pain or a trip to the emergency hospital. However, we’re here to care for your pet if they steal a slab of ribs, run off with the T-bones, or scarf down a pack of hot dogs, and develop a foreign body obstruction or pancreatitis—contact us because we are open 24/7!